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Why is Google Analytics auditing important for your business?

Your business listed on Google My Business, developed a cross-platform responsive website design, placed SEO-optimized content on the website, have SMM in place; you have done all the competition-proofing with the help of digital marketing services.. But, now is yet not the time to sit back and relax. Now is the moment to analyze your online performance.  This is where Google Analytics auditing comes into the picture.

As mentioned, Google Analytics is all about analyzing what the numbers are saying about website traffic, audience engagement on the website, sales conversion, bounce rate etc. It provides you with insight on the effectiveness of your internet campaigns and your website performance online.

However, the data can be inaccurate and misleading for a regular person to analyze and this is where ZSoftSol steps in. We are that practiced eye which can instantly spot the discrepancies. We provide a fool-proof Google Analytics auditing report which can help you in the decision-making process based on reliable information as against acting on falsified reports.

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How can ZSoftSol help you with Google Analytics Auditing Services?

At ZSoftSol, we strive to maintain the highest levels of accuracy while generating your online marketing performance report. We deploy Google Tag Manager (GTM) for best results.

We put both GTM and Google Analytics to work in tandem. Where the GTM is a tracking code that is deployed on the chosen web pages, the Google Analytics uses that tracking code to track the all the data required like gauging the accurate website traffic, event tracking, e-commerce tracking etc.

Our unique services as a part of Google Analytics auditing:

  1. We make use of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for tracking coverage reports producing most accurate results.
  2. For more reliable results, we ensure that the Google Search console is correctly linked to Google Analytics.
  3. We see to it that the Google Analytics and the GTM accounts are configured properly.
  4. We link the Google Adwords to the Google Analytics account accurately.
  5. We make sure that there is only one instance of the Google Tag Code or Google Analytics code on the chosen web pages for accurate results and avoid duplication.
  6. We deliver a comprehensive auditing report which provides an in-depth analysis of the actual traffic to your website excluding the internal visitors within the company which usually dilutes the real report.
  7. We help you by providing the authentic information on the number of transactions, number of unique purchases, revenue generated, their source etc. We can also provide information like how many times a particular document was downloaded from the website.

To get a quote and for more information on Google Analytics Auditing Services, contact us at 07907887656 (Whatsapp)

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