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What do you think is SEO? Do you think it is Link Building & getting your website the best possible Google Rank?

If you think that is what it is and you choose services that provide just that, then you are making a blunder. The unique techniques we follow at ZSoftSol automatically leads to the best possible berth on the SERPs and ideal website rank.

Here, at ZSoftSol, our approach is totally different from others. We never rely on Backlinks (Fake Links). At ZSoftSol, we comprehend that Google’s search engine is meant for the common users, not for the marketers. Stuffing the content with keywords is not going to work anymore. Google algorithms keep on changing and we have to update ourselves with the latest techniques.

You are not kids that we explain what SEO is, what is On-Page, Off-Page, Link Building blah blah blah…

There are numerous blogs that are filled with all the necessary information on each topic. What we are trying to communicate here is the fact that what makes ZSoftSol the leader in the Digital Marketing Services.

ZSOFTSOL, put in simple and straightforward terms is all about Content Marketing:

There, we are out with it! We focus on content creation that has the most effective approach towards solving user problems faster and more efficiently. Creating Content is not about filling it with keywords (Keyword Stuffing) on the whole page and performing link building. No, this is an old strategy everybody follows.

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As we already mentioned ZSoftSol is totally distinct from others. Here are our key differentiators:

  1. At ZSoftSol, we create Content for People, not for Search Engines. We create content in such a way that the business idea, values, and the motto are delivered to the audience in a simple, yet effective manner. We believe that genuinely put content is mightier than the sword and automatically gains the readers’ attention and diverts the customer traffic to your website.
  2. Another important factor of Digital Marketing is Mobile Optimization. Most of the companies simply don’t care about mobile-friendly websites. But at ZSoftSol, we lay emphasis on Mobile Optimization, Website Speed, etc., which are the key aspects to win a better search engine ranking.
  3. It is virtually a crime to dismiss the mobile reports while performing the audience analysis. It is imperative to understand that if the desktops are garnering more audience or the mobile readers. If the desktop readers’ percentage is soaring, then a mobile-friendly website is highly suggested to improve the mobile audience as well. This is because, per 2016 reports, the mobile traffic has started becoming the substantial contributor to the overall internet usage worldwide in comparison to desktop users.
  4. There are so many other tactics that we follow and we ensure that we always stay ahead of the curve by staying up-to-date where SEO techniques are concerned. We regularly keep ourselves well-informed by following the blogs on SEO on MOZ, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, SEMrush etc.
  5. We have a genuine concern for our customers. We teach our clients how SEO works so that they do not have to depend on us for every small service and end up paying for Long Term Services. We educate them the powerful SEO techniques (sorry we don’t want to dismiss them as basics; as these are the key aspects that influence your online presence.) such that you can handle our website on your own.

Find SEO training for Business Level, Graduate Level here as well. We are just an email away for a quotation. We analyze your business and give a quote + Website Improvement Suggestions for Free.

For more information and quotes, contact us ZSoftSol at 07907887656 (Whatsapp)

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