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SMM is a lot more than it meets the eye…

With the ever-growing social media users, the SMM presents to be an incredible marketing opportunity. If you are not tapping the social media platforms for your business, you are missing your footing on the world’s fastest growing sector with 2 Billion monthly active users as of 2017 on Facebook alone!

The one-way advertising is a gone thing; now is the time to take instant customer feedback and work on it. And social media marketing helps in performing just that.

The SMM makes use of all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin to increase brand exposure and build brand loyalty among customers.

The SMM is the most reliable strategy to gauge the customer responses to the information shared by the business owners on the social media which may include the new product launches, discounts, and offers, blog links, vlogs, etc based on which the companies can drive important decisions.

Today, you almost find your potential customers online, online, and again back to online on social media channels, which is the main reason why you should have an SMM strategy in place for communicating with them so that more leads and conversions take place.

SMM is the best technique to get instant  feedback from the customers and to spread the word among the other potential customers.

Find Out More Services

Isn’t SMM gorgeous? Find out what Z Soft Sol has to offer as a part or SMM services?

  • At ZSoftSol, we target potential customers by creating personalized content based on their age group, demographic, and interests.
  • We dive into action by running advertising campaigns to drive traffic, promote your brand which will ultimately lead to conversions on social media platforms including Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin, and Instagram.
  • We employ the best practices specific to the type of social media platform we are dealing with after studying the various presentation styles unique to each. Meaning, we adjust the content based on the social media platform we are posting in instead of reposting the same content on all the platforms like creating News Feed ads while promoting on Facebook, running elaborate ads on Linkedin etc.

We run the campaigns keeping the keeping the buyers’ journey in mind by focusing on:

  1. Building brand awareness: Customer is unaware that the problem exists and why they should look forward to solving it.
  2. Encouraging brand consideration: Customers are aware of their problems and are in research mode already.
  3. Subsequently expediting the decision making: Buyers have various options and contemplating to choose the best.
  • We make an utmost effort to create goodwill among the customers by generating the content that is useful for the potential customers, replying to their comments religiously, or hosting Q & A sessions to build brand awareness and consideration.

At Z Soft Sol, we make use of the latest practices like the powerful Audience Insights tool, Lookalike Audience tool to predict the like-minded potential customers as compared to the existing customers etc.

For more information and quotes, contact us Z Soft Sol at  +91-9490635899

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